How To Keep Your Employees Happy

The average employee spends 25 – 50 hours a week at their job. So, why do they want to work somewhere that they are not happy? They want to be at a job that they look forward to going to. A job that they know their employers value them and are treated well. Here are some suggestions to follow up on my previous post on how to retain loyal employees, on how to keep your employees happy.

keep your employees happy


  • Honesty – Keep it real with your staff. Without crushing their spirit, let them know how they’re doing. Don’t wait until weeks later in a pre-scheduled one on one meeting. This way they are able to make the corrections right away and not go weeks doing the same thing wrong.
  • Value – Show your employees in different ways that you value them. That you value their opinions. You value their time. You can show this in little ways.
  • Recognition – This is a key one to keep your employees happy. There are a few ways to show your employees that you recognize the great work they’re doing:

    keep your employees happy

    • Certificate of Appreciation – It’s a piece of paper, but it means a lot!
    • A team email of recognition – Let the team know what your employee did and how it positively impacted the team and/or company.
    • A candy bar – This is a low-cost way of showing appreciation. That candy bar could be the pick me up that they need one day.


  • Overshare – When you spend a lot of time with your coworkers, it’s easy to fall into an out of work friendship. This isn’t normally an issue unless you start sharing information about their peers with them. Information that shouldn’t go beyond you and that particular employee.
  • Treat all employees as equals – I’m putting this one in again. Some of you may be blinking at this, scratching your head and going “huh”? It’s true. You should NOT treat all employees as equals. Because they’re not. Read number two in my post linked above Here’s why they aren’t:
    • Quality – You are going to have some employees who do better quality work. Not every one of your employees is going to score 100 percent on quality. And if you’re an employer who has this? Then you are a lucky one!
  • Effort – There are employees who put more time and effort into making sure their job is done and done well.

    keep your employees happy

  • Environment – These employees are the ones who do not gossip. They don’t complain about everything under the sun. They’re the ones that come into work early to get situated before clocking in and starting their day *gasp* on time! All in all, they set a good example and are the ones that make your department look good.

    keep your employees happy

  • Ask for too much – Never ask your employees give more than you, yourself are willing to give. As a manager, it is your job to delegate to your staff. However, if you’re sitting at your desk with the time to text a friend back, or to take a break, and your employee is eating lunch at their desk still working? You’re asking for too much.

These are just some of the ways on how to keep your employees happy. And they don’t cost you or the company anything at all. As an employer, do you find yourself doing any of these to keep your employees happy? If you are an employee, what else would you like to see your employer do, or not do? Comment below or share on my Facebook page!

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