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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

The average employee spends 25 – 50 hours a week at their job. So, why do they want to work somewhere that they are not happy? They want to be at a job that they look forward to going to. A job that they know their employers value them and are treated well. Here are some suggestions to follow up on my previous post on how to retain loyal employees, on how to keep your employees happy. read post >>

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4 Things Employers Need To Do Now To Retain Loyal Employees

These days, it is an employers market.  They have their pick from the litter with so many people unemployed.  And you must have experience!  It’s not the 1950’s where employers were more than happy to hire an inexperienced employee and finance the full training of said employee. Employers today want you to be able to hit the ground running after a minimal period of training. But, there are things employers need to do now to retain loyal employees. Continue reading! read post >>

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