4 Tips in Writing an Effective Resume

At times it seems insane that a piece of paper is all that stands between you and a job. This piece of paper needs to be streamlined enough that a recruiter can glance at your resume and make a more accurate assessment of your skills. They need to be able to see quickly that what you’re offering is what they need and are willing to spend the money they’ve earned on your salary to bring you into their company. They want to know that you will be an asset. That you have the experience and skills to make it worth their while to halt the hiring process and hire you.

Here are some tips in writing your resume:

  • Keep it simple. You don’t want a cluttered resume. You want one that they can glance at for less than ten seconds and get an idea of who you are and what you can offer them.
  • Personalize your resume. If you are applying for jobs in different fields, you will want to change up your skills and accomplishments. Sending a resume in for a Customer Service job is not the same as sending a resume in for Data Entry. The Customer Service manager is not going to care how many keystrokes per hour you can type.
  • Objective vs. Career Summary. A Career Summary gives the recruiter a better look at who you are as a person/employee where the Objective tells them only what you are looking for.
    • Career Summary – “I have worked X amount of years working as a _____________. I will bring my long standing exemplary experience….”
    • Objective -“Looking to obtain a position where I can utilize my skills to better their company…” Tell them what you offer to them. Not what you are looking for.
  • It’s not all about the Job Description. Sure, companies want to know what you did in the job you left. But, what did you accomplish? List two main points of your job description. Then list your accomplishments in that job. List what you actually did at the job.
    • For a Customer Service Job. Job Description – “Answered calls for customers regarding their credit card inquiries.” ¬†What you actually did – “I assisted customers via incoming and outgoing telephone conversations as well as email correspondence. My average calls per hour were XXX.” You want to stand out to your potential new employer.

What additional information would you add in writing an effective resume?

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