4 Things Employers Need To Do Now To Retain Loyal Employees

These days, it is an employers market.  They have their pick from the litter with so many people unemployed.  And you must have experience!  It’s not the 1950’s where employers were more than happy to hire an inexperienced employee and finance the full training of said employee. Employers today want you to be able to hit the ground running after a minimal period of training. But, there are things employers need to do now to retain loyal employees. Continue reading!

Why did this change?  What made it so businesses became reluctant to put time and effort into their employees?  My belief is that due to the increased pace of business started this downward spiral. Mega corporations started coming in and smaller businesses felt they needed to keep up. So, even after the loyalty they had from employees that they trained specifically for their business, they fell in with the employee competition.  Hire the best of the best to stay afloat in the new world where big corporations started to take over.

things employers need to do now to retain loyal employees

I feel that this was an unfortunate turn of events.  Employees then started competing with each other. Once they learned what they could from someplace, they moved on so they could learn more. This continues throughout their course of employment.  From my perspective as an employee, I feel that if a company doesn’t have loyalty to me, why should I have loyalty to them?

Here are  things that employers can do to restart the old-fashioned employee loyalty:

1 – Train the employee – Give them sufficient training that will allow them to do their job effectively. Don’t let them feel they are an island and have to go it alone. I’ve had this type of job and I assure you, it’s not a good feeling.

2 – Don’t treat all employees equally – Wait… What??? Why not???  Because not all employees ARE equal. If you reward an employee who is not doing even half the job your top performer is doing, how do you think your top performer is going to feel?  They will start to think, why should I do all this and get rewarded the same as Bill, who doesn’t do half of what I do.

3 – Morale – Happy employees will turn about a great place of business. If your employees are not happy? It will show in their work.

4 – Benefits – This is actually a big one.  Employees want to feel valued. They want to know that their employer understands the need for a work/life balance. Benefits include not only medical benefits but, ones that allow an employee to live. Vacation time, personal time, education reimbursement and yes, volunteer time. I’ve worked for an employer where I had 64 personal hours.  They turned around and gave us three holidays back, Presidents Day, MLK Day and Veterans Day. Which, ok, that works. But, instead of taking only 24 personal hours from our personal hour’s bank?  They took 48.  Ummm, wait… We’re given three days back, but, you take six days away from us?  I’d rather have those hours back.  So, that now gives us less time with our family. Why would I want that?

And of course, retirement plans!  We want to know that we are not going to have to work until the day we died.  Pensions went out. 401K’s,  are they really beneficial? Employer match programs are great!  I worked someplace that I had 10% going into my 401B, but, I was only putting in 2% myself. With that said?  I know I’m not going to ever be able to retire unless I choose to live out of a box in a warmer climate area.

If you are in the workforce now, what does your employer do to make you want to remain loyal?  What do they do to make you want to run for the door screaming?  I’d love to hear from you!


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